A Green Sunday

About two years ago, I worked on my college’s organic farm for the summer and fall. I spent hours and hours in the sunshine with my hands in the dirt, pulling weeds, planting seeds, and watching their slow, mesmerizing growth. Alongside the three other “garden girls” (or so we called ourselves), I lay on the grass and ate fresh-off-the-vine watermelon. We smothered homemade bread with our very own honey (thank you honeybees!). And everything was simple and easy.

After that, it was kind of hard to stop growing things. Now I’m not saying I’ve got a green thumb. In fact, I’m pretty awful at keeping plants alive. But that doesn’t stop me from trying.

Especially now that things are less easy -work can be stressful, living at home can be confusing- I want more plants around me. I want green in every nook and cranny of my room. Because, let’s be honest, plants make everything a little brighter and sweeter.


Last Sunday, I found out my boyfriend’s apartment is a 20-minute walk away from a nursery. So off we went. Overalls on. Boots on. Money in hand.





And there I was. The strong, capable farmer –

ready to stick her hands in the dirt, again.





New little green friends.

And small, shiny opportunities for growth.



All my love,

Katie xx

Adulting Basics: The Resume (+ FREE RESUME TEMPLATE)

You know what’s no fun? RESUMES. They were the bane of my existence for a good long chunk of time. But once you crack the “resume code”, let me tell you, it’s smooth sailing from there. My resume has been through its fair share of ups and downs, but I feel like it’s in a really good place at the moment.

I was updating my resume today and thought I’d  share with all you lovely humans a few tips I’ve picked up along the way and the template I’ve crafted over the years.


1) Keep it simple.

Try and keep it down to one page. You don’t need to throw every detail onto your resume- that typically ends up with a rather messy, busy-looking document. Rule of thumb: if it’s overwhelming to look at, they’re probably not going to read it. Try to be economical with your words.I typically have around three descriptive bullet points for each job in my resume. Use your cover letter to describe your work experiences in more detail.

2) Stick to the basics.

Don’t go crazy with fonts and layout. Keep it pretty traditional. Again, a resume that looks busy at first glance will usually get tossed aside. (Trust me – I speak from experience… I tried to make my resume look “cool” once and I’m pretty sure whoever receieved it immediately threw it in the bin).

3) Be wary of the details.

This is a small thing, but massively important. Go through your resume with a fine tooth comb and get rid of all typos. You’re doing yourself a complete disservice if your resume is 10/10 incredible, but you accidentally use “its” instead of “it’s”.

Also be aware of your punctuation and be consistent. If one of your bullet points ends with a period, they all should. I know- tiny, minute details, but important none-the-less.

4) Hit those keywords.

A lot of companies will start their search for a candidate by seeking particular keywords in resumes. So look at the job description carefully and incorporate the exact words they use into your resume. You’ll typically pop up on their radar a lot quicker.

5) Put the more relevant information first.

Because resume readers often have short attention spans, I’d list things in order of their relevance to the job you’re applying to (for example, if you’re applying for a video editor gig, you should list editing software like Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere before you list Microsoft Office). One resume does not fit all, so tailor your resume to the specific job you’re applying to.


Bonus tip: May go without saying, but hey! Thought I’d throw it on here. Before sending out your resume, make sure you’ve changed the format from a word doc to a PDF file! (Guess who forgot to do that a bunch way back when?)


And without further ado, here’s my template! Resume Template

Hope it’s helpful in some tiny way 🙂


Do any of you guys have tips for resume writing? Let me know!

Fall Tunes and Podcasts

Hey blog fam! Sorry I’ve been a little MIA recently – I’ve been trying to finetune a realistic blogging schedule. Plan on seeing new content from me every Wednesday from here on out!

Now, I thought I’d chat a bit about what I’ve been listening to lately. Good music can work absolute miracles for your mood and general headspace. I’ve been pretty anxious recently, largely because I’m in a new job where I’m still trying to find my footing. So I’ve found myself gravitating towards folksy, acoustic music – it seems to trigger a part of my brain that makes me more focused, less stressed, and less tempted to procrastinate. It kind of kicks me into “work mode” and cheers me up without being too distracting.

For your listening pleasure, here is “Autumn Chills”. The vibe is quiet and soft, and, to me, the sound is the epitome of autumn. There’s something about Bon Iver, Charlie Cunningham and the like, that makes me want to start a fire, have a cup of tea and wrap myself in blankets. Rock this playlist when you’re at the office, curled up in bed, or driving in the rain.







For those of you that don’t know, my boyfriend and I are in a long distance relationship, which means driving to see each other pretty much every weekend. 3 hours there and 3 hours back gives me a lot of free time. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately?) there’s not much I can do other than listen to music or podcasts. I quickly learned that music can get old kinda fast when it’s hour 4 and you’re still stuck in traffic. But podcasts, on the other hand, have been my saving grace. Here are a few of my faves:  

Nancy: This show is a beautifully honest discussion of the experiences of people who identify as LGBTQ. It’s unapologetic and uncensored, and the hosts handle topics with such meticulous care. It’s exactly what the world needs right now. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. And hopefully, you’ll leave feeling a little more enlightened, or a little less alone. Either way, you’ll most likely adore it.  

The Memory Palace: If you like podcasts that contain beautifully written narratives that will make you sit in silence afterwards and ruminate on what you just heard (… and possibly cry… yeah… I’m a weepy mess when I listen to this podcast), this is the one for you. Again, it’s a story-telling podcast, but this one errs on the side of historical. It’s gorgeous and eye-opening. This is the first episode I ever heard, and I must have listened to it 10 times since. It’s absolutely stunning.

RadioLab: This podcast is absolute genius. The hosts talk about anything and everything, from Italy’s first transgender gondolier to the discovery of the remains of 5,300 year old human. But this podcast is all about the quality of the story-telling. If you haven’t listened to this podcast: 1. Where have you been? 2. GO LISTEN TO IT RIGHT NOW.

Sawbones: A Marital Tour of Misguided Medicine: If you’re like me and are fascinated by the grueling, gross and often bizarre history of medicine, check this podcast out. It’s hilarious, cringe-worthy, and super interesting.

**Special shout out: The Heart of It with Estée Lalonde: I never knew it was possible to fall more in love with Estée Lalonde… until I listened to her podcast. I know only a few episodes of this podcast are out at the moment, but I had to add this to the list. She speaks about topics from new, interesting perspectives, and offers up her own narratives and interviews rad people. I love to watch how she’s using her platform to talk about issues like feminism and protest. Rock on Estée.


NEW IN: The Most Hydrating Lipstick EVER and Other Beauty Bits! 

My beauty stash is horribly lacking in the lip department. I’ve always been the chapstick-eyeliner-mascara-and-go kind a gal. Indeed, lipstick and I have never made quite the pair. My lips are dry. Typically always but especially when the weather’s a bit nippy. Like… I-am-a-desert-nothing-will-grow-here-but-cacti dry.

If I take the plunge and wear lipstick, I’ll typically give up half-way through the night and put chapstick on. But with the colder seasons approaching (which means Christmas and New Years.. yup I’m already thinking about Christmas heh heh), I decided I needed a nice red lippy and maybe an everyday, your-lips-but-better kind of shade.

I took it upon myself, for the good of dry-lipped people everywhere, to find a formula that doesn’t dry out lips and has staying power. I walked into Sephora a woman on a mission and, needless to say, walked out with a few more bits than anticipated…


Let me introduce you to my new favorite thing (drum roll please)…

Bobby Brown: Crushed Lip Color (Telluride)



Can I say wow? WOW. Bobbi. You’ve outdone yourself. This bad boy falls somewhere between a lipstick and chapstick. I typically prefer natural makeup looks and this lippy takes the cake. With one swipe, it gives a blotted, stained finish that makes me look and feel like a movie star. You can also build it up, I’ve found, for a fuller-coverage look. It’s a low-maintenance lipstick that stays put for a good long while. My dry-lipped community, I have found the holy grail.

Other products I picked up….

Nars: Velvet Matte Lip Pencil (Cruella and Dolce Vita)


Ah, the famous Nars Lip Pencils. I was so quick to dismiss the hype, thinking there’s no way a pencil could be hydrating enough for my lips. Well folks, it’s worth the hype. It is hydrating and the color payoff is incredible. I tried on Cruella and immediately wished it was New Years Eve and I was sipping on champagne. What a gorgeous cool-toned scarlet red. Mamma mia!


Instead of cashing out for the full size, I decided to buy a cheaper mini duo (one of which is Cruella).  The other mini is in the shade Dolce Vita, which I was completely clueless about until I tried it on at home. It’s a stunning dusty rose color that I actually think I will get a lot of use out of! It’s one of those colors you can throw on in the morning and forget about.

Bite Beauty: The Lip Pencil (034- Plum Rose)


This was actually a little extra that I picked up with my spare points! I’d heard good things about bite beauty lip pencils and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to give it a go. My prognosis: it’s soft and creamy during application and the color is gorgeous. However, I tried filling my lips in with it to see how it would stand as a solo-lip product, and it was a bit too drying. The pigmentation, though, really is gorgeous. I could definitely see this as a great base product for my Bobby Brown Crushed Lip Color.

Chloé: Love Story Eau De Parfum



Again, another points purchase. I love the original Chloé scent (I’ve considered leaving my For Her by Narciso Rodriguez a few times for it) and this one smells quite similar. It is floral and sophisticated, with a dash of sexiness. Obviously, I jumped at the prospect of having a little rollerball sample that I could keep in my purse. Wouldn’t you?

MAC: Eyeshadow (Bronze Frost)



This actually wasn’t from Sephora, but from the Mac shop next door! (Oops… I may have stumbled in there after my triumph at Sephora). This color is a stunning shimmery bronze shade – perfect for autumn. I’ve found myself wearing just this on my lid with some mascara and feeling 10/10. Ugh, gotta love MAC.

Do any of you suffer from dry lips? What are your go-to lip products?

All my love, Katie xx

Fall Nail Polish- My Top Three Picks


‘Tis the season for deep red and subtle nude nail polishes! Ha. Who are we kidding. That’s pretty much what I wear on my nails all year round (I’m very boring with my nail polish color choices). That being said, I recently found these three shades from Essie and they are game changers. I mean, I don’t think I’ve found colors that suit my skin tone this well… perhaps… ever? Geez.

And I know what you might be thinking. Katie… these are three of Essie’s bestsellers. Yes, I know. But somehow I’ve been completely oblivious and only just learned of their existence a few days ago. So, in my excitement, I thought I’d write a blog post and share with you lot the glory that are these nail polishes incase they’ve somehow slipped under your radar, too.


Sand Tropez:

This is a gorgeous cool-toned, light beige color with some gray undertones. The formula isn’t extremely thick, so it requires two coats. But it applies evenly and smoothly and lasts a good amount of time.







Yes. We’ve found it, folks. The perfect shade of autumnal red. Not as bright and flirty as Essie’s A-list, and not as dark as Essie’s Wicked – this one teeters somewhere beautifully in the middle. It’s a rich red wine color, which practically screams “classic”. The formula itself is lovely and self-leveling. This, I can already tell, is a color I will be coming back to year after year.





Topless & Barefoot:

Another nude, but this one is a barely-there, light beige pink. Gorgeous in every light and for every occasion, it is magic in a bottle. Fun fact! This shade was apparently dubbed “the most popular nail polish color on Pinterest” according to Allure magazine. I definitely can’t say I’m surprised.




Have you tried any of these shades? What are your favorite autumnal nail polishes?

Katie xx

(Ps. I’m in no way sponsered by Essie, I just happen to love their nail polishes!)

An Apple A Day…

Growing up, I have always been an apple lover. Ask anyone who knows me – I have at least an apple a day. Usually two. So when my lovely boyfriend asked me to go apple picking with him this past weekend, I was psyched.








To celebrate the start of autumn, I threw on a pair of jeans, a collared shirt, and Chelsea boots. Unfortunately, the weather decided to misbehave and ended up being a scorching 80 or so degrees. Note that these pictures were taken before my face started to look like a tomato. They were also taken before I smashed myself in the face with my camera and gave myself a black eye. (Yup… a literal black eye). Feeling great about my hand eye coordination skills at the moment. But – at least I have 20 lbs of apples to distract myself with!








Hope you all are having a wonderful, fruit-filled September! Lots of love from me.



Channeling Your Inner #GirlBoss

I’ve been at my job now for almost three months. It’s my first real job out of college, so I’ve been making some spectacular screw ups and learning some major life lessons.

As a young woman in a traditional office environment, I’ve had to do some speedy growing up. And over the past few weeks, I’ve learned some things that I thought I’d share with all you lovely people.



  1. Don’t be afraid of taking up space

You were hired because your employers want you to contribute to the conversation. Don’t be shy to take up space, even as a newbie! Now, that doesn’t mean rattling off B.S. But ask questions and throw some ideas out there. You are the complete equal of everyone else at that table.



2. If someone does something or says something that makes you uncomfortable, speak up.

To be honest, this is one tip that I personally need to work on. It’s tough, particularly when you’re like me and loathe any form of confrontation. But an office environment can turn sour real fast when transgressions or inappropriate comments are made and no one addresses it. Speak up. Even if it terrifies you. Change starts there. In your actions. Do it for the person next to you. For all the employees to come. No one benefits from silence.



  1. Keep it organized

When you enter a space where you haven’t completely found your footing and there’s a lot being asked of you, things can get crazy quickly. So my advice to everyone: write it down. Get a notepad and write everything down- from the terms you learn to every single task you are assigned. That way nothing falls through the cracks. I got myself a little moleskin and it has been a godsend. And let’s be honest, any excuse to buy a new notebook is always welcome. #StationaryLoversUnite



  1. Socialize a little.

I’m not saying shmooz around the office all day, but it can be good to have brief conversations with people that aren’t focused on work. When you develop your relationships with coworkers, things become a little less intimidating and generally more fun.



  1. Come eager to learn

There is literally nothing worse than someone who comes to work completely apathetic. Show your colleagues that you’re genuinely interested and engaged. Or, at least feign that you’re interested and engaged. 😛 Ask questions on questions on questions. The more you ask the faster you’ll figure things out. (Pro tip: coffee makes this easier)



  1. Know your worth

Don’t let people trample over you. Just because you’re the new hire, doesn’t mean people can take advantage of you. If your job description doesn’t involve copying other people’s stuff and getting them coffee, then don’t do it. You deserve absolute respect from all your colleagues. Own your value.



  1. Give yourself time

If you’re anything like me, I hate not knowing what I’m doing and depending on others for directives. But that’s part of having a new job- complete and utter cluelessness. Rule of thumb for most jobs is to give yourself 6-months to get yourself up to speed. So know that the confusion you feel is temporary and you’ll become that indepedent #girlboss soon enough.

Do you guys have any tips for a young woman in the workplace? Let me know!