Fall Nail Polish- My Top Three Picks


‘Tis the season for deep red and subtle nude nail polishes! Ha. Who are we kidding. That’s pretty much what I wear on my nails all year round (I’m very boring with my nail polish color choices). That being said, I recently found these three shades from Essie and they are game changers. I mean, I don’t think I’ve found colors that suit my skin tone this well… perhaps… ever? Geez.

And I know what you might be thinking. Katie… these are three of Essie’s bestsellers. Yes, I know. But somehow I’ve been completely oblivious and only just learned of their existence a few days ago. So, in my excitement, I thought I’d write a blog post and share with you lot the glory that are these nail polishes incase they’ve somehow slipped under your radar, too.


Sand Tropez:

This is a gorgeous cool-toned, light beige color with some gray undertones. The formula isn’t extremely thick, so it requires two coats. But it applies evenly and smoothly and lasts a good amount of time.







Yes. We’ve found it, folks. The perfect shade of autumnal red. Not as bright and flirty as Essie’s A-list, and not as dark as Essie’s Wicked – this one teeters somewhere beautifully in the middle. It’s a rich red wine color, which practically screams “classic”. The formula itself is lovely and self-leveling. This, I can already tell, is a color I will be coming back to year after year.





Topless & Barefoot:

Another nude, but this one is a barely-there, light beige pink. Gorgeous in every light and for every occasion, it is magic in a bottle. Fun fact! This shade was apparently dubbed “the most popular nail polish color on Pinterest” according to Allure magazine. I definitely can’t say I’m surprised.




Have you tried any of these shades? What are your favorite autumnal nail polishes?

Katie xx

(Ps. I’m in no way sponsered by Essie, I just happen to love their nail polishes!)


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